The Need For Over Sharing

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We read and post and post and read and then scroll down for hours at an end to look at the news feed. Then we read comments and statuses and feel the need to comment about people’s comments and comment about those comments and criticize them and scrutinize them from every angle.

The internet generation can’t seem to digest anything which has its pros and cons, Unfortunately, when you are surrounded by a few billion people on this virtual network you tend to come across the cons more often.

The other day my best friend and I mean by best-est friend in the whole while world, who I have known for the past 6 years, threw a birthday party, nothing too unusual about that right?

Now the thing is- she invited a couple of her friends who I don’t necessarily like. I mean, I don’t hate them or anything its just that I never had the opportunity to interact with them earlier and now we are past that and in that stage where my best friend is friends with them but I never made an effort to talk to them. Not because I am extremely hostile or anything its out of sheer laziness and a touch of introverted submission, I assure you.

So getting back, my friend wanted to invite a group of us but instead of calling us (since that’s out of the window now) she created a group on Whatsapp and sent us a message containing all the details.

Now here is the thing about Whatsapp groups, no one really ever sticks to the subject, so after all the details had been worked out, people began talking to each other about random stuff, but the way the conversation went it was like that group of friends talking to each other and me talking to my best friend. So everyone knew what our relationship was like in their heads right?

But one of those girls just had to point out the non-existent elephant in the chat room and write a long message about how “We don’t like each-other (which is so not true!) but we should try to get along for the sake of MY BEST FRIEND!”

What I don’t understand is- Why is there this incessant need for over sharing? Why do we have to say everything on our minds? Should we all just throw social niceties and etiquette out of the window and start living like barbarians?! Okay I might have gone a touch higher but you get the point right?

There are things that everyone knows in their heads but no one is supposed to say them out in the open, let alone type them so that every person who ever comes across your page or timeline can read it and judge.

Why do we have to over explain stuff? Why do we need to talk so much? Why can’t we let there be a little bit of mystery in the world? Some unresolved ties. Just a pinch of secrets.

The same girl also criticized  people on facebook for putting up statuses about team India’s winning streak saying how these people don’t really know anything about cricket and these statuses are nothing but a facade to boost their social standing which you know is true but you don’t post that!

There are all kinds of truths in this world, bitter truths that everyone knows about but no one dares to speak it because you don’t say stuff like that out in the open. You don’t tell a pregnant woman she looks fat you don’t tell people they are dumb….you just don’t

These are the unwritten rules of society, unwritten rules everyone in society abides by….that is if they wish to live in society, these social networks have opened up a plethora of ways for us to connect unfortunately they have also created a platform where civility is dying, where people cuss and insult and there is no place for morality, where the need for over-sharing brings out our deepest darkest thoughts…thoughts that can threaten the very foundation of our existence- society and co-habitation.


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